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How ‘ Never’ Changes Everything: Head Interprets Negated Descriptors

Summary: Researchers found that negating adjectives with “not” affects how our brains interpret their meaning, mitigating rather than inverting their definition. In lab-based experiments, participants took longer to process phrases like “not bad” compared to “good” or “bad.”Brain imaging showed initial interpretations of negated adjectives were similar to their affirmative

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OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Edu, Revolutionizing Higher Education

Summary: ChatGPT Edu, powered by GPT-4o, is designed for universities to responsibly integrate AI into academic and campus operations. This advanced AI tool supports text and vision reasoning, data analysis, and offers enterprise-level security.Successful applications at institutions like Columbia University and Wharton School highlight its potential. ChatGPT Edu aims to

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How Teen Brain Functions Are influenced by Social Media and Nap

Summary: A new study links shorter sleep duration in teens to higher social media usage, involving brain regions crucial for executive control and reward processing.The inferior frontal gyrus and middle frontal gyrus are key in how adolescents regulate engagement with social media and manage decisions related to sleep. These findings

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AI Tool matches individuals with potent drugs more quickly

Summary: Researchers developed an AI-based tool,, to help match patients with the most effective antidepressants based on their medical history. This free website aims to reduce the trial-and-error process in finding the right medication, improving patient outcomes.By analyzing data from millions of patients, the AI provides evidence-based recommendations, which

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PD Non-Motor Symptoms Are Worsened by Age-Linked Sympathetic Denervation

Summary: Researchers found that Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients with sympathetic denervation in major salivary glands and the heart exhibit more severe non-motor symptoms as they age.This research highlights the importance of age in PD progression and could enhance the understanding of the disease’s pathophysiology.Key Fact:Non-Motor Symptoms: Older PD patients with

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Better Nap Lowers Loneliness

Summary: Better sleep health significantly reduces feelings of loneliness, with the effect being stronger in younger adults. The findings suggest that improving sleep could be a key strategy in addressing loneliness, a pressing public health issue.The study involved 2,297 adults who completed online questionnaires about their sleep and loneliness levels.Key

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